UNO students protest budget cuts: UNO police chief hospitalized after scuffle

This article was published in The Hullabaloo on September 3, 2010.

Two University of New Orleans students were arrested and the UNO chief of police was sent to the hospital Wednesday after a morning of student protests ended in a scuffle.

Charges against the two detained students include resisting arrest and assault and battery of a police officer. UNO Police Chief Tom Harrington said the students punched him as he tried to prevent them from storming the university chancellor’s office on the second floor of the administration building.

“The situation was becoming unsafe and disruptive, and so [Harrington] told them they had to turn around and leave,” UNO Public Relations Director Adam Norris said. He also said the chief had “sustained some injuries to his knee and ankle, but… no bones were broken.”

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