Tulane students are asking the university for beefed up patrols

This story was published on page A1 of The Times-Picayune on January 17, 2012. 

Two years ago, Tulane freshmen Adrienne Barnabee and Elizabeth Mardiks were walking home around dusk when two armed men approached them near the intersection of Broadway and Maple streets and ordered them to turn over their cash.


Since then, Barnabee said she’s so afraid of walking in the area that she no longer schedules any classes after dark.

“After having been attacked so close to campus, I don’t feel safe walking anywhere,” she said.

Barnabee is one of 1,200 students who have signed a petition urging Tulane President Scott Cowen to take more action to protect students in the area surrounding the university.

Even though Tulane police have beefed up patrols and shuttle bus service in response to a spike in armed robberies last semester, the students who organized the petition have a clear message: “It’s not enough.” Read more of this post